Will Venom Get A Sequel, When Is The Release Date For Venom 2? 

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Venom is a 2018 anti-hero superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film, which was a surprise commercial success, was directed by Ruben Fleischer and distributed by Sony Pictures. The storyline is based on a dynamic journalist named Eddie Brock who gets infected by an alien Symbiote. Through the infection, Eddie becomes host to the alien called Venom, which gives him superhuman powers. Eddie then finds out about the shady deal that entails the Symbiotes taking over the earth and sets out to put a stop to it.

Sometimes, a movie can get a lot of negative reviews but still manage to do well at the Box Office, which is the case of Venom. In spite of the negative reviews that the film received, it was no set back to its huge success; Venom grossed $856.1 million on a budget which ranged from $100 -$116 million. These figures have given the assurance that a Venom 2 might be around the corner. Keep reading to learn more about the possibility of a sequel and when it would be released.

Will There Be A Sequel To Venom?

Quite a number of sources have stated that there really will be a sequel, and possibly a trilogy. , who plays the main character in the film, has made it known that he is up for a trilogy after signing a deal for 3 films. He made this information public in July 2018.

Furthermore, in an interview with one of the screenwriters of Venom – Jeff Pinkner, he responded to questions regarding the processing of the next sequel. However, Jeff Pinkner opted not to give any other detail apart from the fact that a sequel is definitely going to come out although he was not going to be the one doing the writing this time around.

Later on, Variety magazine revealed that Kelly Marcel who is one of the writers of the first film had been requested to write the sequel. The same report made it known that there would be a change in the director of the sequel, this is due to the fact that Ruben Fischer who directed Venom has his hands full with the Zombieland 2 film. In August of 2019, it was revealed that the new director of the Venom sequel would be Andy Serkis. This decision was made after a meeting between Serkis and Sony which took place earlier in the year.

It would interest you to know that Serkis has a very good track record. He has been praised for his roles in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as well as the Hobbit films. Serkis has also done some directing over the years and his expertise can be seen in films like Breathe and Mowgli: Legend of the jungle. It might be safe to say that the multi-faceted actor has got what it takes to put Venom 2 together.

Jeff Pinker, who penned down the Venom story also revealed in an interview with Discussing Film that we might be seeing Spider-Man in the coming sequels. However, he did not give full assurance to the news as he concluded by saying there was a possibility that Spider-Man may take an important role in future Venom movie. This news might excite a whole lot of Spider-Man fans as everyone anxiously awaits the sequels. The thought of the beloved Spider-Man and the anti-heroic Venom in the movie is fascinating and the release of Venom 2 is being anticipated eagerly, as expected.


When Is The Release Date For The Venom Sequel?

The next most important question many would ask concerning Venom is – ‘when is the release date for Venom 2′? This would have been a difficult question to answer as studios typically tend to keep information such as this close to the vest in the early production stages of a movie; however, shortly after Venom was released, a report from Variety stated that a sequel will be released by on the 2nd of October, 2020.

As such, fans of Eddie Brock and the Venom Symbiote have October 2, 2020, to look forward to. Based on the success of Venom, it’s not surprising that the studio is moving ahead with a sequel relatively quickly.

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