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Andy Milonakis is a famous comedian, actor and rapper. He was born on the 30th of January 1976 in Katonah, New York, United States of America. This comic actor could be described as a creative and multi-talented individual whose creativity has earned a celebrity status.

He looks and sounds like an adolescent boy despite the fact that he is over 40 years old. Andy Milonakis was born with a congenital growth hormone deficiency.


Andy Milonakis was a student of John Jay High School in Cross River, New York. He started using humor as a defense mechanism to escape bullying during his years in high school. He is an ardent lover of rap music, popularly known for rapping in his music videos and has made guest appearances in the videos of notable rappers like and Lil B. Due to his love and crave for rap music, in 2008, he posted a full-fledged rap song which he titled The Andy Milonakis Rap on YouTube.


After his show on MTV ended, he collaborated with two alumni from MTV; Riff Raff and Dirty Nasty. With the three together, Andy Milonakis created a hip-hop comedy group which he called ‘Three Loco’. He later confirmed on Twitter that the group has been dispersed in September 2014.

By 2015, Andy Milonakis met Chief Keef, a rapper, via Twitter and the duo became friends. He did a song with Keef and titled it hot shit, G.L.O.G.A.N.G. and ‘My House’.

His Show

Talking about Andy’s show, it was a success for three seasons, between June 2005 and May 2007. The first season of the show was actually aired on MTV before it was later moved to MTV2.

While the filming of the first two seasons was done in New York City, he relocated to Los Angeles during the final season. The show comprises of animated segments, daffy sketches and a man-on-the-street section.

The show featured some of his East Side Lower neighbors from Manhattan (they were supporting cast). He also invited celebrity guests like Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, and Akon; pop icon Hillary Duff; stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman; and Shaun White, the professional snowboarder and Skateboarder.

It is not a surprise that Andy’s comic show online has earned him lots of opportunities and has made him successful. The show which he started via his website in 2007 has bagged him opportunities in movies such as Waiting, Who’s Your Caddy?, Wieners, Extreme, Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous, and Still Waiting.

Andy Milonakis also featured alongside rappers and Snoop Dogg in the famous movie Mac and Devin Go to High School. Milonakis has been a notable voice actor in The Adventure Time (an animated television series). He has also worked on the movies Hallowed and Dumbbells.

Wife, Girlfriend, Son, Parents

Unfortunately, there is hardly any information regarding Andy Milonakis family and personal life. Though Andy Milonakis is known to take pictures with pretty girls, there is really no information available about his relationships.


To our understanding, it is safe to say that Andy is still single. Apart from him being single, we can confirm that he’s not married; as he occasionally jokes about the topic of marriage and how he cannot wait to get married on his social media page. He once tweeted about how he cannot wait to get married; just to wake up next to someone annoying. To our knowledge, it is also safe to say that he doesn’t have a son or any kid in that light.

Net Worth

All these business activities that Andy has been involved in has helped him acquire stupendous wealth. As at the 2nd of March 2017; Andy Milonakis was estimated to have a net worth within the range of $2 million dollars.

Andy Milonakis Height

Andy Milonakis is 1.66m tall.

Quick Facts

  • In the second season, Jimmy Kimmel featured in one episode of his show.
  • He fussed his love for rap and comedy in the show Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network. This was In the year 2011.
  • In 2013, he appeared on the eight episodes of the comedy series, “Kroll Sho”.
  • During 2014, he hosted his own cooking show titled “Munchies” on his YouTube Channel.
  • He was also named as one of the fastest growing streamers in the IRL category because he is a twitch streamer.

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