Dennis Miller Wife, Family, Brother, Height, Age, Where Is He Now?

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Award-winning comedian Dennis Miller is a well-known face from the Saturday Night Live show and from that platform, he has evolved into a high-profile comic personality, commentator, as well as an actor. Credited with several comedy shows and film appearances, Miller has over the years established himself as one of the top comedians in America.

This comedian is not just a success in his career but a happily married man and a father to two adorable boys. Read on to learn more about his family, brothers, and body stats.

Dennis Miller Bio (Age)

This bloke was born on the 3rd of November 1953, with the full name Dennis Michael Miller in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was brought up by his mum Norma alongside his four other siblings in the absence of their father who left them when Dennis was still a child.

Dennis went to Saint Anne School for his primary education and later studied at Keystone Oaks High School. He then proceeded to Point Park University where he studied journalism and graduated in 1976.

Upon graduation, landing a good paying job as a Journalist did not materialize for Dennis Miller so he had to do several menial jobs and even diverting into stand-up comedy. He eventually began his career officially in 1980 (four years after he graduated from the university) as a television host working for the KDKA-TV’s Punch Line.

He left KDKA-TV in 1984 and relocated to Los Angeles where he was doing standup comedy in Comedy Store. This was where Lenore Michael, the producer of the Saturday Night Live saw him for the first time, and due to his impressive performance, Lenore was prompted to offer him a job with SNL. He began to work at the Saturday Night Live, anchoring the Weekend Update, one of the most viewed programs in SNL.

After a couple of years, he left Saturday Night Live and commenced his own show which he called the Dennis Miller Show, a late-night television show but it only lasted for 7 months. Aside from his own show, he also appeared on numerous commercials and was a guest in several programs. In addition to that, Dennis made a name for himself as a radio presenter.

Miller has appeared on several movies which include Madhouse where he acted as Wes, Never Talk to Strangers as Cliff Raddison, Bordello of Blood as Rafe Guttman, Murder at 1600 as Detective Steve Stengel, Joe Dirt as Zander Kelly, What Happens in Vegas as Judge Whooper, and the 2001 film Joe Dirt where he was cast as Zander Kelly.

His television shows include Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Boston Public, and House of Cards. With reference to his comedies, Dennis Miller has produced a lot which comprises of Mr. Miller Goes to Washington, The 13th Annual Young Comedians Special, The Earth Day Special, Black & White, Live from Washington, D.C.: They Shoot HBO Specials, Don’t They?, State of the Union Undressed, Citizen Arcane, The Millennium Special: 1,000 Years, 100 Laughs, 10 Really Good Ones, The Raw Feed, Dennis Miller All in, The Big Speech, and America 180. 

Where Is He Now?

A fact that is sure about his whereabouts is that the comedian is still in his professional arena of comedy and still as funny as ever. However, he has changed his approach to rendering jokes especially those with political undertones. Miller has recently described himself as being more cranky which he attributed to old age. Nonetheless, he made it known that irrespective of how he cracks a joke, he would attract both good reviews and bad ones. As such, he has set his mind to expressing his political views in a straightforward but amusing manner.

Dennis Miller’s Family – Wife and Brother

Dennis Miller is not the only one in the Miller family who has built a career in the entertainment industry. He has a brother named Jimmy Miller who is a Comedy Manager at Gold Miller. His other brother, Rich Miller is the owner of the entertainment agency – RCM. The agency handles the performance arrangements and logistics of comedians.

The famous comedian is married to his longtime girlfriend and heartthrob Carolyn “Ali” Espley who is an ex-model. The pair got married in 1988, and the union is blessed with two children (Holden and Marlon) all boys.


Height – How Tall Is He?

Dennis Miller’s physical features show that he has a dark brown hair which he wears short. Another noticeable feature is his striking blue eyes and his height of 5 ft 9 inches.

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