Kelsey Darragh Bio, Age, Height and Other Facts You Need To Know

Kelsey Darragh's Net Worth as of February 2023 is $700 Thousand

Quick Facts of Kelsey Darragh

Net Worth$700 Thousand
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 8 in
Date of Birth16 August, 1990

While many think of comedy as a male-dominated arena, given their numbers therein, a number of women have proved that it is not a gender discriminating career with women such as , Chelsea Pretti, and , we couldn’t think otherwise. Kelsey Darragh, an American Video Producer and Development Partner at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures is a member of the comedic society as well as an actress.

Her dedication to her course has seen her succeeding, serving as a model and paving a way for those who would possibly follow in her footsteps.


Kelsey Darragh’s Bio, Age

Kelsey Leigh Darragh was born on April 16, 1990, in Tampa, Florida. She has a sister, Megan who she has featured on her Instagram and in some of her videos. Her parents’ photos also make the rounds in her posts.

She attended Auburn University where she studied Film, Radio, and Television from 2008 to 2010. While she was there, Kelsey joined the Theater Humane Society of the United States in August 2008 and took up the Animal Welfare cause. After she finished from Auburn, she went on to New York Film Academy (NYFA) and studied Acting. In 2012, she graduated with a BFA.

According to her LinkedIn page, Kelsey Darragh was the first student in the school’s history to write a film thesis performance which was screened at Warner Brothers. With her eyes seemingly set on her career, she spared no time in garnering the skills and all whats not needed to succeed therein. She is skilled in camera work, lighting, editing, producing as well as directing.

Kelsey, with her heart set on doing what she loves, she became the producer for inaugural theatre production for NYFA. In addition to her skills, she also has an extensive improv and sketch abilities garnered from the University of California, Berkley (UCB) and Los Angeles Improv Institution, iO West.

She moved to Los Angeles County, California, in the USA where she kicked off her professional career. Her focus was on writing contents that can be shared and impact females like her. She also aims to direct and produce the contents as well. Kelsey sees herself as ambitious, messy, and unafraid.


Her BuzzFeed Career

She joined the company in 2015 as a video producer from July to October after which she was promoted to a junior producer. The responsibilities of a development partner were further added to the number of caps she dons. She is currently a Development Partner cum Producer in the internet media company, BuzzFeed.

The company has a wonderfully diverse and hilarious cast who make videos about some of the most relatable topics for millennials. Although most of the videos may not hold much intellectual significance, fans can’t help but watch it anyway, more like a guilty pleasure. Kelsey is known for making such videos and is loved by fans for her contents.

After becoming a member of the company, she helped to build one of the most popular growing Facebook pages, SOML. As of January 2016, the page is rated #15 most viewed. Having mentioned her disposition to impact females through her contents, the page is interestingly a female-driven comedy page.

Kelsey also masterminded the web series, Harder Than It Looks as well as runs with enviable success her eponymous YouTube channel which has over 40,000 subscribers. She hosts her own show on BuzzFeed, Ladies’ Room. Another segment where she features in on BuzzFeed is Married vs. Single where she discusses issues pertaining to married/single life such as hot bodies, weddings, and best first dates along with her co-star Ned Fulmer.

After she experienced an impostor syndrome, she realized that her gender is a blessing and does whatever she can to make other women feel likewise and be proud in their own skin. With an intention to further her intentions, she started a podcast called AdultSh1t with a co-worker, that has an audience of 95% women. On the podcast, they listen to their fans, answer their questions and try to talk about taboo subjects that help women become more comfortable and confident with themselves.


Kelsey Darragh’s Height and Other Facts You Need to Know

She is 7 inches above 5 feet tall (1.75m).

She introduces herself as an overall badass bitch and boss lady as well as identifies as a bisexual.

Her nickname is Wah.

Her utterly carefree and effortlessly gorgeous nature endears her to fans, however, her relatable persona is what they fancy most about her.

Kelsey Darragh did sex toy reviews for Playboy on her channel.

She dropped out of three colleges after which she started making YouTube videos. To that, she explained she didn’t need a degree, agent or manager to start building a community of like-minded people having already known what she wanted to do with her life.

Although she did not finish college, she advises those with the same intention to really think about it, weigh out their pros and cons, and possibly have a backup plan.

The first YouTube video she made after she moved to Los Angeles earned 2 million views in a week.

For the comedian, learning how to meditate and stay mindful helps more than any medication in battling anxiety and depression, conditions she suffered for years.

Kelsey gave her boyfriend a on how to help her manage her anxiety. She shared her ideas on Twitter with the aim of helping other couples. It went viral.

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