Paulette Jones – Bio, Facts And Personal Life of The Comedian

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A woman of many talents, Paulette Jones is popular as a sketch comedian, stand up comic, actress, motivational and inspirational speaker, general manager of a multi-million dollar company, among other things. She has coached actors, established and ran her own repertory theatre and organized improvisational theatre acting.

Jones is a big shot in the entertainment industry as she has worked with major studios. She has also been featured in one of Brandon Rogers’ online videos as Donna. Her character has been described as a foul-mouthed, strident, gun-carrying, and larger than real-life personality.

In addition to entertainment, Paulette Jones is a widely traveled scholar who organizes and speaks at various international workshops and seminars. She has inspired many to achieve more and understand themselves and society better. Find out more about this talented American woman.

Paulette Jones’ Bio

The comedian and actress is an American citizen born on August 15, 1957. There is no information available on her parents or their occupations. Also, no information has surfaced about any sibling. As for her educational pursuits, Paulette has not revealed what elementary and high school she attended, however, it is known that she studied at the California State University, majoring in Theatre Arts for almost four years (three years and six months, precisely). She also trained at Warner Brother’s Studios for nine months in screen acting.

According to her website, she went ahead to gain a B.Sc in Computer and an MBA, placing her in a position to pursue a career in the technology industry.

Paulette Jones’ Personal Life

Some celebrities prefer to live a clandestine life. They value their privacy a lot and would not let their career success invade that. One of such people is Paulette Jones. The multi-talented American personality has been extremely secretive about some aspects of her personal life.

The only known information about her personal life is that she has a daughter named Cassie Jones. Her daughter, Cassie, is said to have her own children, making Paulette Jones, a grandmother.

Other Facts About The Comedian

Paulette Jones’ Career

Paulette Jones has had an illustrious, amazing and vast working experience. As a graduate of Theatre Arts, she began to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She spent six years of her life performing on stage as a comic actress and a stand-up comedian. She is not only a stage actress but also appeared in web series, and internet videos. Her most popular internet series character is as Donna in Brandon Rogers’ web videos.

One of her most popular roles was in Magic Funhouse. It was a hit series also produced by Brandon Rogers where she was featured as Mrs. Bory.

Paulette Jones has also established her own repertory theatre company which she also managed. She has worked as a coach for actors and actresses and has worked on television and motion pictures alike for top names in the industry.

Also, Paulette Jones has worked in the corporate sector. She worked for various high technology companies where she held several management positions. She is an international speaker in computer tradeshows as well. She has traveled to continents like Asia, North America, Middle East among others as an industry spokeswoman and is a recognized authority in technology.

She has also traveled around the world, giving inspiring and motivational speeches at seminars and workshops. Some of her captivating seminar topics include Transformation And The Gift Of Your Authentic Self, The Philosophy Of Quantum Consciousness, The Divine Structure Of The Wonderous You!, The Circles Of Life, among others.


Net Worth – How Much is Paulette Jones Worth?

Paulette Jones has quite a number of income sources; she is an actress, comedian, inspirational and motivational speaker, manager, erstwhile owner of a theatre, and an acting coach – and she receives (or had received) income from all these sources. However, her annual income cannot yet be determined.

She has also not declared her wealth publicly or revealed the worth of any of her assets. Her estimated net worth is not known. At the moment, there are no financial records or reports with regards to the actress. But with the amount of work she has done and the vastness of her reach and fame, it is expected that her net worth would be measured in millions.

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